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Packages that use SharedSessionContract
org.hibernate This package defines the central Hibernate APIs. 
org.hibernate.internal An internal package containing mostly implementations of central Hibernate APIs of the org.hibernate package. 

Uses of SharedSessionContract in org.hibernate

Subinterfaces of SharedSessionContract in org.hibernate
 interface Session
          The main runtime interface between a Java application and Hibernate.
 interface StatelessSession
          A command-oriented API for performing bulk operations against a database.

Uses of SharedSessionContract in org.hibernate.event.spi

Subinterfaces of SharedSessionContract in org.hibernate.event.spi
 interface EventSource

Uses of SharedSessionContract in org.hibernate.internal

Classes in org.hibernate.internal that implement SharedSessionContract
 class AbstractSessionImpl
          Functionality common to stateless and stateful sessions
 class SessionImpl
          Concrete implementation of a Session.
 class StatelessSessionImpl

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