Deprecated API

Deprecated Interfaces
          Since 4.4. Use EntityIndexBinding instead
          Deprecated as of Hibernate Search 4.4. Might be removed in Search 5. Use ShardIdentifierProvider instead.

Deprecated Classes
          Use FullTextSession.getSearchFactory() instead.
          Will be removed when EntityIndexBinder gets removed 

Deprecated Annotation Types

Deprecated Fields

Deprecated Methods
          As of Search 4.4, replaced by SearchFactoryImplementor.getIndexManagerHolder()
          since 4.4. Use SearchFactoryState.getIndexBindings()
          since 4.4. Use SearchFactoryImplementor.getIndexBindings()
          since 4.4. Use SearchFactoryIntegrator.getIndexBinding(Class)
          should be at most SearchFactoryIntegrator, preferably removed altogether, String, Class, String)
          Use ClassLoaderHelper.instanceFromName(Class, String, ClassLoader, String) instead
          Use AbstractDocumentBuilder.collectionChangeRequiresIndexUpdate(String) instead>)
          use BuildContext.getServiceManager() instead>)
          use BuildContext.getServiceManager() instead>)

Deprecated Enum Constants
          use FacetSortOrder.RANGE_DEFINITION_ORDER 

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