Enum Summary
Analyze Defines whether the field content should be analyzed.
FieldCacheType How should we interact with Lucene's FieldCache.
FilterCacheModeType Cache mode strategy for FullTextFilterDefs.
Index Defines how an Field should be indexed.
Norms Defines whether the norms should be stored in the index
Resolution Date indexing resolution.
SpatialMode Defines the index structure mode used for spatial information
Store Whether or not the value is stored in the document
TermVector Defines the term vector storing strategy

Annotation Types Summary
Analyzer Define an Analyzer for a given entity, method, field or Field The order of precedence is as such: - @Field - field / method - entity - default Either describe an explicit implementation through the impl parameter or use an external @AnalyzerDef definition through the def parameter
AnalyzerDef Reusable analyzer definition.
AnalyzerDefs Reusable analyzer definitions.
AnalyzerDiscriminator Allows to dynamically select a named analyzer through a Discriminator implementation.
Boost Apply a boost factor on a field or a whole entity
CacheFromIndex While extracting values from the index might be faster than extracting them from a Database, it might still involve costly IO operations.
CalendarBridge Defines the temporal resolution of a given field Calendar are stored as String in GMT
CharFilterDef Define a CharFilterFactory and its parameters
ClassBridge This annotation allows a user to apply an implementation class to a Lucene document to manipulate it in any way the user sees fit.
ContainedIn Describe the owning entity as being part of the target entity's index (to be more accurate, being part of the indexed object graph).
DateBridge Defines the temporal resolution of a given field Date are stored as String in GMT
DocumentId Declare a field as the document id.
DynamicBoost Apply a dynamic boost factor on a field or a whole entity.
Factory Marks a method as a factory method for a given type.
Field Annotation used for marking a property as indexable.
FieldBridge Specifies a custom field bridge implementation
Fields Mark a property as indexable into different fields Useful if the field is used for sorting and searching
FullTextFilterDef Defines a FullTextFilter that can be optionally applied to every FullText Queries While not related to a specific indexed entity, the annotation has to be set on one of them
FullTextFilterDefs A list of FullTextFilterDef
Key Marks a method as a key constructor for a given type.
Latitude Mark the property hosting the latitude of a specific spatial coordinate.
Longitude Mark the property hosting the latitude of a specific spatial coordinate.
NumericField Extension annotation for @Field supporting Lucene's numeric field feature.
NumericFields Numeric extension for Fields annotation
Parameter Parameter (basically key/value pattern)
ProvidedId Objects whose identifier is provided externally and not part of the object state should be marked with this annotation

This annotation should not be used in conjunction with DocumentId

Similarity Deprecated.
Spatial Defines a spatial property.
TikaBridge Defines a bridge for integrating with Apache Tika.
TokenFilterDef Define a TokenFilterFactory and its parameters.
TokenizerDef Define a TokenizerFactory and its parameters.

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