Class UpdateExtWorkDelegate

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public final class UpdateExtWorkDelegate
extends UpdateWorkDelegate

This applies the index update operation using the Lucene operation IndexWriter.updateDocument(Term, org.apache.lucene.document.Document, org.apache.lucene.analysis.Analyzer) This is the most efficient way to update the index, but we can apply it only if the Document is uniquely identified by a single term (so no index sharing across entities or Numeric ids).

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Method Summary
 void performWork(LuceneWork work, IndexWriter writer, IndexingMonitor monitor)
          Will perform work on an IndexWriter.
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Method Detail


public void performWork(LuceneWork work,
                        IndexWriter writer,
                        IndexingMonitor monitor)
Description copied from interface: LuceneWorkDelegate
Will perform work on an IndexWriter.

Specified by:
performWork in interface LuceneWorkDelegate
performWork in class UpdateWorkDelegate
work - the LuceneWork to apply to the IndexWriter.
writer - the IndexWriter to use.
monitor - will be notified of performed operations

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