Interface StringBridge

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BigDecimalBridge, BigIntegerBridge, BooleanBridge, BuiltinArrayBridge, BuiltinIterableBridge, BuiltinMapBridge, BuiltinNumericArrayBridge, BuiltinNumericIterableBridge, BuiltinNumericMapBridge, CalendarBridge, CharacterBridge, ClassBridge, ConcatStringBridge, DateBridge, DefaultStringBridge, DoubleBridge, EnumBridge, FloatBridge, IntegerBridge, LongBridge, NullEncodingFieldBridge, NumberBridge, ShortBridge, String2FieldBridgeAdaptor, StringBridge, TwoWayString2FieldBridgeAdaptor, UriBridge, UrlBridge, UUIDBridge

public interface StringBridge

Transform an object into a string representation. All implementations are required to be threadsafe. Usually this is easily achieved avoiding the usage of class fields, unless they are either immutable or needed to store parameters.

Emmanuel Bernard

Method Summary
 String objectToString(Object object)
          Converts the object representation to a string.

Method Detail


String objectToString(Object object)
Converts the object representation to a string.

object - The object to transform into a string representation.
String representation of the given object to be stored in Lucene index. The return string must not be null. It can be empty though.

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