Class ArrayBridge

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public class ArrayBridge
extends Object
implements FieldBridge

Each entry (null included) of an array is indexed using the specified FieldBridge.
A null array is not indexed.

Davide D'Alto

Constructor Summary
ArrayBridge(FieldBridge bridge)
Method Summary
 void set(String name, Object value, Document document, LuceneOptions luceneOptions)
          Manipulate the document to index the given value.
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Constructor Detail


public ArrayBridge(FieldBridge bridge)
bridge - the FieldBridge used for each entry of the array
Method Detail


public void set(String name,
                Object value,
                Document document,
                LuceneOptions luceneOptions)
Description copied from interface: FieldBridge
Manipulate the document to index the given value.

A common implementation is to add a Field with the given name to document following the parameters luceneOptions if the value is not null. {code} String fieldValue = convertToString(value); luceneOptions.addFieldToDocument(name, fieldValue, document); {code}

Specified by:
set in interface FieldBridge
name - The field to add to the Lucene document
value - The actual value to index
document - The Lucene document into which we want to index the value.
luceneOptions - Contains the parameters used for adding value to the Lucene document.

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