Interface Summary
EntityIndexBinder Deprecated. Since 4.4.
EntityIndexBinding Specifies the relation and options from an indexed entity to its index(es).
SearchFactoryImplementor Interface which gives access to the metadata.
TimingSource Lucene delegates responsibility for efficient time tracking to an external service; this is needed for example by the TimeLimitingCollector.TimeLimitingCollector(Collector, Counter, long) used by Hibernate Search when time limits are enabled on fulltext queries.

Class Summary
AbstractDocumentBuilder<T> Abstract base class for the document builders.
DepthValidator Used to check the constraints of depth when using IndexedEmbedded or ContainedIn annotations.
DocumentBuilderContainedEntity<T> Set up and provide a manager for classes which are indexed via @IndexedEmbedded, but themselves do not contain the @Indexed annotation.
DocumentBuilderIndexedEntity<T> Set up and provide a manager for classes which are directly annotated with @Indexed.

Enum Summary
EntityState Entity state with regard to indexing possibilities

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