Class PluggableSerializationLuceneWorkSerializer

  extended by
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public class PluggableSerializationLuceneWorkSerializer
extends Object
implements LuceneWorkSerializer

Serializes List back and forth using a pluggable SerializerProvider. This class control the over all traversal process and delegates true serialization work to the SerializerProvider.

Emmanuel Bernard

Constructor Summary
PluggableSerializationLuceneWorkSerializer(SerializationProvider provider, SearchFactoryImplementor searchFactory)
Method Summary
 String describeSerializer()
 List<LuceneWork> toLuceneWorks(byte[] data)
          Convert a byte[] to a List of LuceneWork (assuming the same SerializationProvider is used of course)
 byte[] toSerializedModel(List<LuceneWork> works)
          Convert a List of LuceneWork into a byte[]
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Constructor Detail


public PluggableSerializationLuceneWorkSerializer(SerializationProvider provider,
                                                  SearchFactoryImplementor searchFactory)
Method Detail


public byte[] toSerializedModel(List<LuceneWork> works)
Convert a List of LuceneWork into a byte[]

Specified by:
toSerializedModel in interface LuceneWorkSerializer


public List<LuceneWork> toLuceneWorks(byte[] data)
Convert a byte[] to a List of LuceneWork (assuming the same SerializationProvider is used of course)

Specified by:
toLuceneWorks in interface LuceneWorkSerializer


public String describeSerializer()
Specified by:
describeSerializer in interface LuceneWorkSerializer
a short label of this implementation and optionally version

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