Interface SerializationProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
AvroSerializationProvider, JavaSerializationSerializationProvider

public interface SerializationProvider

Serialization provider Providers are encouraged to offer a backward and forward compatible protocol. //FIXME should these two bytes be processed by Hibernate Search and not the protocol implementation ie we would pass the result of this? Before the actual serialized flux, two bytes are reserved: - majorVersion - minorVersion A major version increase implies an incompatible protocol change. Messages of a majorVersion > current version should be refused. A minor version increase implies a compatible protocol change. Messages of a minorVersion > current version are parsed but new operation will be ignored or rejected. Question: only ignored? If message's major version is < current version, the implementation is strongly encouraged to parse and process them. It is mandatory if only message's minor version is < current version. Implementors are encouraged to implement a descriptive toString() method for logging purposes.

Emmanuel Bernard

Method Summary
 Deserializer getDeserializer()
 Serializer getSerializer()

Method Detail


Serializer getSerializer()


Deserializer getDeserializer()

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