Class ConnectedQueryContextBuilder

  extended by
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public class ConnectedQueryContextBuilder
extends Object
implements QueryContextBuilder

Assuming connection with the search factory

Emmanuel Bernard

Nested Class Summary
 class ConnectedQueryContextBuilder.HSearchEntityContext
Constructor Summary
ConnectedQueryContextBuilder(SearchFactoryImplementor factory)
Method Summary
 EntityContext forEntity(Class<?> entityType)
          Creates an entity context which can be used to obtain a QueryBuilder.
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Constructor Detail


public ConnectedQueryContextBuilder(SearchFactoryImplementor factory)
Method Detail


public EntityContext forEntity(Class<?> entityType)
Description copied from interface: QueryContextBuilder
Creates an entity context which can be used to obtain a QueryBuilder.

Note that the passed entity type is used to verify field names, transparently apply analyzers and field bridges etc. The query result list, however, is not automatically restricted to the given type. Instead a type filter must be applied when creating the full text query in order to restrict the query result to certain entity types.

Specified by:
forEntity in interface QueryContextBuilder
entityType - entity type used for meta data retrieval during query creation
an entity context

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