Package org.hornetq.api.core.client

Core Client Messaging API.


Interface Summary
ClientConsumer A ClientConsumer receives messages from HornetQ queues.
ClientMessage A ClientMessage represents a message sent and/or received by HornetQ.
ClientProducer A ClientProducer is used to send messages to a specific address.
ClientSession A ClientSession is a single-thread object required for producing and consuming messages.
ClientSession.BindingQuery Information returned by a binding query
ClientSession.QueueQuery Information returned by a queue query
ClientSessionFactory A ClientSessionFactory is the entry point to create and configure HornetQ resources to produce and consume messages.
ClusterTopologyListener A ClusterTopologyListener
MessageHandler A MessageHandler is used to receive message asynchronously.
SendAcknowledgementHandler A SendAcknowledgementHandler notifies a client when an message sent asynchronously has been received by the server.
ServerLocator A ServerLocator
SessionFailureListener A SessionFailureListener notifies the client when a failure occurred on the session.

Class Summary
ClientRequestor The ClientRequestor class helps making requests.
HornetQClient Utility class for creating HornetQ ClientSessionFactory objects.

Package org.hornetq.api.core.client Description

Core Client Messaging API.
This package defines the API used by HornetQ clients to produce and consume messages.

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