What this Book Covers

We will cover downloading and installation and see how to start JBoss. Then we’ll have a quick tour of the server directory structure and layout, the key configuration files and services.

Moving on to the examples, we’ll look at how to deploy the Duke’s Bank application from the Sun J2EE Tutorial. This will let you see JBoss in action as quickly as possible and also gives you a chance to get some practical experience of simple configuration and deployment issues. Further chapters cover other J2EE topics which aren’t used in Duke’s Bank: JMS Messaging (and Message-Driven Beans) and container-managed persistence (CMP). These also make use of the J2EE tutorial examples.

Chapter 5, J2EE Web Services covers web services. We work through how to expose EJB methods from the Duke’s Bank application through web services and then call them with a Java client.

Configuration of databases is an important issue and this is covered in Chapter 8, Using other Databases. We also work through some step-by-step examples.

In Chapter 9, Security Configuration we look at some more advanced security configuration options.

Suggestions for additional topics are always welcome.