1. Foreword

JBoss-IDE started with an XDoclet plug-in for eclipse in the middle of 2002. Then Hans Dockter met Marc as he participated at a JBoss training in Mallorca and they talked about the possibility of developing a JBoss-IDE.

2. About the Authors

  • Marshall Culpepper is the project lead of JBoss-IDE. Marshall is a full time employee of JBoss, Inc. And lives in Dallas, Texas.
  • Laurent Etiemble, is an active contributor to the JBoss-IDE project. Laurent works as a consultant and lives in Paris, France.
  • Hans Dockter, was the founder and lead architect of the Jboss-IDE project. Hans works as an independent consultant and lives in Berlin, Germany.

3. About JBoss

JBoss Project, headed by Marc Fleury, is composed of over 100 developers worldwide who are working to deliver a full range of J2EE tools, making JBoss the premier Enterprise Java application server for the Java 2 Enterprise Edition platform.

JBoss is an Open Source, standards-compliant, J2EE application server implemented in 100% Pure Java. The JBoss/Server and complement of products are delivered under a public license. With a huge amount of downloads per month, JBoss is the most downloaded J2EE based server in the industry.

4. Acknowledgements

We would like to thank Thomas Deichsel and Frank Henze from for their wonderful interface design. We would also like to thank all the JBoss-IDE community for their support and their feedback.