Chapter 45. Configuration Reference

This section is a quick index for looking up configuration. Click on the element name to go to the specific chapter.

45.1. Server Configuration

45.1.1. jbm-configuration.xml

This is the main core server configuration file.

Table 45.1. Server Configuration

Element NameElement TypeDescriptionDefault
backupBooleantrue means that this server is a backup to another node in the clusterfalse
backup-connector-refStringthe name of the remoting connector to connect to the backup node 
bindings-directoryStringthe directory to store the persisted bindings todata/bindings
clusteredBooleantrue means that the server is clusteredfalse
connection-ttl-overrideLongif set, this will override how long (in ms) to keep a connection alive without receiving a ping. -1
create-bindings-dirBooleantrue means that the server will create the bindings directory on start uptrue
create-journal-dirBooleantrue means that the journal directory will be createdtrue
file-deployment-enabledBooleantrue means that the server will load configuration from the configuration filestrue
global-page-sizeLongthe standard size (in bytes) of a page-file. JBoss Messaging will only read messages when there is enough space to read at least one page file, determined by this value.10 * 1024 * 1024
id-cache-sizeIntegerthe size of the cache for pre creating message id's2000
journal-aio-buffer-sizeLongThe size of the internal buffer on AIO.128 KiB
journal-aio-buffer-timeoutLongThe timeout (in nanoseconds) used to flush internal buffers.20000
journal-aio-flush-on-syncBooleanIf true, transactions will ignore timeouts and be persisted immediatelyFalse
journal-compact-min-filesIntegerThe minimal number of data files before we can start compacting10
journal-compact-percentageIntegerThe percentage of live data on which we consider compacting the journal30
journal-directoryStringthe directory to store the journal files indata/journal
journal-file-sizeLongthe size (in bytes) of each journal file128 * 1024
journal-max-aioIntegerthe maximum number of write requests that can be in the AIO queue at any one time500
journal-min-filesIntegerhow many journal files to pre-create2
journal-sync-transactionalBooleanif true wait for transaction data to be synchronized to the journal before returning response to clienttrue
journal-sync-non-transactionalBooleanif true wait for non transaction data to be synced to the journal before returning response to client.false
journal-typeASYNCIO|NIOthe type of journal to useASYNCIO
jmx-management-enabledBooleantrue means that the management API is available via JMXtrue
large-messages-directoryStringthe directory to store large messagesdata/largemessages
management-addressStringthe name of the management address to send management messages
management-cluster-userStringthe user used to for replicating management operations between clustered nodesJBM.MANAGEMENT.ADMIN.USER
management-cluster-passwordStringthe password used to for replicating management operations between clustered nodesCHANGE ME!!
management-notification-addressStringthe name of the address that consumers bind to receive management notificationsjbm.notifications
management-request-timeoutLonghow long (in ms) to wait for a reply to a management request5000
message-counter-enabledBooleantrue means that message counters are enabledfalse
message-counter-max-day-historyIntegerhow many days to keep message counter history10
message-counter-sample-periodLongthe sample period (in ms) to use for message counters10000
message-expiry-scan-periodLonghow often (in ms) to scan for expired messages30000
message-expiry-thread-priorityIntegerthe priority of the thread expiring messages3
paging-directoryStringthe directory to store paged messages indata/paging
paging-max-global-size-bytesLongJBoss Messaging enters into global page mode as soon as the total memory consumed by messages hits this value (in bytes)-1
persist-delivery-count-before-deliveryBooleantrue means that the delivery count is persisted before delivery. False means that this only happens after a message has been cancelled.false
persistence-enabledBooleantrue means that the server will use the file based journal for persistence.true
persist-id-cacheBooleantrue means that id's are persisted to the journaltrue
queue-activation-timeoutLongafter failover occurs, this timeout specifies how long (in ms) to wait for consumers to re-attach before starting delivery30000
scheduled-thread-pool-max-sizeIntegerthe number of threads that the main scheduled thread pool has.5
security-enabledBooleantrue means that security is enabledtrue
security-invalidation-intervalLonghow long (in ms) to wait before invalidating the security cache10000
thread-pool-max-sizeIntegerthe number of threads that the main thread pool has. -1 means no limit-1
transaction-timeoutLonghow long (in ms) before a transaction can be removed from the resource manager after create time60000
transaction-timeout-scan-periodLonghow often (in ms) to scan for timeout transactions1000
wild-card-routing-enabledBooleantrue means that the server supports wild card routingtrue
acceptorsAcceptora list of remoting acceptors to create 
broadcast-groupsBroadcastGroupa list of broadcast groups to create 
connectorsConnectora list of remoting connectors configurations to create 
discovery-groupsDiscoveryGroupa list of discovery groups to create 
divertsDiverta list of diverts to use (attribute)Stringa unique name for the divert - mandatory 
divert.routing-nameStringthe routing name for the divert - mandatory 
divert.addressStringthe address this divert will divert from - mandatory 
divert.forwarding-addressStringthe forwarding address for the divert - mandatory 
divert.exclusiveBooleanis this divert exclusive?false
divert.filterStringan optional core filter expressionnull
divert.transformer-class-nameStringan optional class name of a transformer 
queuesQueuea list of pre configured queues to create (attribute)Stringunique name of this queue 
queues.addressStringaddress for this queue - mandatory 
queues.filterStringoptional core filter expression for this queuenull
queues.durableBooleanis this queue durable?true
bridgesBridgea list of bridges to create (attribute)Stringunique name for this bridge 
bridges.queue-nameStringname of queue that this bridge consumes from - mandatory 
bridges.forwarding-addressStringaddress to forward to. If omitted original destination is usednull
bridges.filterStringoptional core filter expressionnull
bridges.transformer-class-nameStringoptional name of transformer classnull
bridges.retry-intervalLongperiod (in ms) between successive retries2000 ms
bridges.retry-interval-multiplierDoublemultiplier to apply to successive retry intervals1.0
bridges.reconnect-attemptsIntegermaximum number of retry attempts, -1 signifies infinite-1
bridges.failover-on-server-shutdownBooleanshould failover be prompted if target server is cleanly shutdown?false
bridges.use-duplicate-detectionBooleanshould duplicate detection headers be inserted in forwarded messages?true
bridges.discovery-group-refStringname of discovery group used by this bridgenull
bridges.connector-ref.connector-name (attribute)Stringname of connector to use for live connection 
bridges.connector-ref.backup-connector-name (attribute)Stringoptional name of connector to use for backup connectionnull
cluster-connectionsClusterConnectiona list of cluster connections (attribute)Stringunique name for this cluster connection 
cluster-connections.addressStringname of address this cluster connection applies to 
cluster-connections.forward-when-no-consumersBooleanshould messages be load balanced if there are no matching consumers on target?false
cluster-connections.max-hopsIntegermaximum number of hops cluster topology is propagated1
cluster-connections.retry-intervalLongperiod (in ms) between successive retries2000
cluster-connections.use-duplicate-detectionBooleanshould duplicate detection headers be inserted in forwarded messages?true
cluster-connections.discovery-group-refStringname of discovery group used by this bridgenull
cluster-connections.connector-ref.connector-name (attribute)Stringname of connector to use for live connection 
cluster-connections.connector-ref.backup-connector-name (attribute)Stringoptional name of connector to use for backup connectionnull
security-settingsSecuritySettinga list of security settings 
security-settings.match (attribute)Stringthe string to use for matching security against an address 
security-settings.permissionSecurity Permissiona permision to add to the address 
security-settings.permission.type (attribute)Permission Typethe type of permission 
security-settings.permission.roles (attribute)Rolesa comma-separated list of roles to apply the permission to 
address-settingsAddressSettinga list of address settings 
address-settings.dead-letter-addressStringthe address to send dead messages too 
address-settings.max-delivery-attemptsIntegerhow many times to attempt to deliver a message before sending to dead letter address10
address-settings.expiry-addressStringthe address to send expired messages too 
address-settings.redelivery-delayLongthe time (in ms) to wait before redelivering a cancelled message.0
address-settings.last-value-queuebooleanwhether to treat the queue as a last value queuefalse
address-settings.distribution-policy-classStringthe class to use for distributing messages to a consumerRoundRobinDistributor page size (in bytes) to use for an address10 * 1024 * 1024
address-settings.max-size-bytesLongthe maximum size (in bytes) to use in paging for an address-1
address-settings.redistribution-delayLonghow long (in ms) to wait after the last consumer is closed on a queue before redistributing messages.-1

45.1.2. jbm-jms.xml

This is the configuration file used by the server side JMS service to load JMS Queues, Topics and Connection Factories.

Table 45.2. JMS Server Configuration

Element NameElement TypeDescriptionDefault
connection-factoryConnectionFactorya list of connection factories to create and add to JNDI or not message grouping is automatically usedfalse
connection-factory.block-on-acknowledgeBooleanwhether or not messages are acknowledged synchronouslyfalse
connection-factory.block-on-non-persistent-sendBooleanwhether or not non persistent messages are sent synchronouslyfalse
connection-factory.block-on-persistent-sendBooleanwhether or not persistent messages are sent synchronouslyfalse timeout (in ms) for remote calls30000
connection-factory.client-failure-check-periodLongthe period (in ms) after which the client will consider the connection failed after not receiving packets from the server5000
connection-factory.client-idStringthe pre-configured client ID for the connection factorynull
connection-factory.connection-load-balancing-policy-class-nameStringthe name of the load balancing classorg.jboss.messaging.core.client.impl.RoundRobinConnectionLoadBalancingPolicy
connection-factory.connection-ttlLongthe time to live (in ms) for connections5 * 60000
connection-factory.consumer-max-rateIntegerthe fastest rate a consumer may consume messages per second-1
connection-factory.consumer-window-sizeIntegerthe window size (in bytes) for consumer flow control1024 * 1024
connection-factory.discovery-initial-wait-timeoutLongthe initial time to wait (in ms) for discovery groups to wait for broadcasts2000
connection-factory.dups-ok-batch-sizeIntegerthe batch size (in bytes) between acknowledgements when using DUPS_OK_ACKNOWLEDGE mode1024 * 1024
connection-factory.failover-on-server-shutdownBooleanwhether or not to failover on server shutdownfalse
connection-factory.max-connectionsIntegerthe maximum number of connections per factory8
connection-factory.min-large-message-sizeIntegerthe size (in bytes) before a message is treated as large 100 * 1024
connection-factory.pre-acknowledgeBooleanwhether messages are pre acknowledged by the server before sendingfalse
connection-factory.producer-max-rateIntegerthe maximum rate of messages per second that can be sent-1
connection-factory.producer-window-sizeIntegerthe window size (in bytes) for sending messages1024 * 1024
connection-factory.reconnect-attemptsIntegermaximum number of retry attempts, -1 signifies infinite0
connection-factory.retry-intervalLongthe time (in ms) to retry a connection after failing2000
connection-factory.retry-interval-multiplierDoublemultiplier to apply to successive retry intervals1d
connection-factory.scheduled-thread-pool-max-sizeIntegerthe size of the scheduled thread pool2
connection-factory.thread-pool-max-sizeIntegerthe size of the thread pool-1
connection-factory.transaction-batch-sizeIntegerthe batch size (in bytes) between acknowledgements when using a transactional session1024 * 1024
connection-factory.use-global-poolsBooleanwhether or not to use a global thread pool for threadstrue
queueQueuea queue to create and add to JNDI (attribute)Stringunique name of the queue 
queue.entryStringcontext where the queue will be bound in JNDI (there can be many) 
queue.durableBooleanis the queue durable?true
queue.filterStringoptional filter expression for the queue 
topicTopica topic to create and add to JNDI (attribute)Stringunique name of the topic 
topic.entryStringcontext where the topic will be bound in JNDI (there can be many)