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Chapter 3. Resource Adaptor Implementation

3.1. Configuration
3.2. Default Resource Adaptor Entities
3.3. Traces and Alarms
3.3.1. Tracers
3.3.2. Alarms

This chapter documents the HTTP Servlet Resource Adaptor Implementation details, such as the configuration properties, the default Resource Adaptor entities, and the JAIN SLEE 1.1 Tracers and Alarms used.

The name of the RA is HttpServletResourceAdaptor, its vendor is org.mobicents and its version is 1.0.

The Resource Adaptor supports configuration only at Resource Adaptor Entity creation time, the following table enumerates the configuration properties:


JAIN SLEE 1.1 Specification requires values set for properties without a default value, which means the configuration for those properties are mandatory, otherwise the Resource Adaptor Entity creation will fail!

There is a single Resource Adaptor Entity created when deploying the Resource Adaptor, named HttpServletRA.

The HttpServletRA entity is also bound to Resource Adaptor Link Name HttpServletRA, to use it in an Sbb add the following XML to its descriptor: