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Chapter 16. Change Log

16.1. 1.1.3.Final (12 August 2011)
16.2. 1.1.2.Final (21 April 2011)
16.3. 1.1.1.Final (31 January 2011)
16.4. 1.1.0.Final (13 August 2010)
16.5. 1.1.0.CR3 (15 June 2010)
16.6. 1.1.0.CR2 (11 May 2010)
16.7. 1.1.0.CR1 (22 March 2010)
16.8. 1.1.0.Beta1 (30 October 2009)

request hang with a node is stopped in EC2 (MODCLUSTER-217) (jfclere)

Extra ENABLE-APP/REMOVE-APP event after failover (MODCLUSTER-220) (jfclere)

mod_cluster does not work with Tomcat 7 due to API Change in Connector (MODCLUSTER-240) (jfclere)

kill -HUP httpd process increase the number of open locks (MODCLUSTER-241) (jfclere)

mod_cluster failover does not work for a /webappcontext when the / root context exists (MODCLUSTER-188) (jfclere)

UseAlias broken (MODCLUSTER-212) (jfclere)

mod_rewrite PT doesn't work (MODCLUSTER-213) (jfclere)

memory usage growning in httpd (MODCLUSTER-214) (jfclere)

Second attempt to connect from Jboss to apache module sends incomplete Host Header (MODCLUSTER-216) (jfclere)

when using tomcat manager webapp to stop/start an application the start is ignored by mod_cluster (MODCLUSTER-224) (jfclere)

Unable to override load properties when running in Tomcat 6 (MODCLUSTER-232) (jfclere)

Documentation contains wrong default loadMetric class name (MODCLUSTER-233) (jfclere)

mod_cluster should issue a warning when Maxcontext is reached and no more context will be taken (MODCLUSTER-223) (jfclere)

add a note explaining where Maxcontext must be put in httpd.conf and issue error if in wrong location (MODCLUSTER-225) (jfclere)

NPE when overriding default load metric in ModClusterListener (MODCLUSTER-183) (pferraro)

mod_cluster failover does not work for a /webappcontext when the / root context exists (MODCLUSTER-188) (jfclere)

mod_cluster issues an ENABLE-APP too early in the webapp lifecycle (MODCLUSTER-190) (jfclere)

mod_cluster 1.1.0 docs step is wrong (MODCLUSTER-193) (jfclere)

Incorrect routing of requests when one context root is the prefix of another (MODCLUSTER-196) (jfclere)

Can only rewrite from the root context in httpd if there is a root context deployed in JBoss (MODCLUSTER-198) (jfclere)

the STATUS MCMP message is send before the connector is started (MODCLUSTER-202) (jfclere)

The windoze bundle don't have the default configuration (MODCLUSTER-205) (jfclere)

httpd cores after graceful restart after the mod_cluster configuration is added (MODCLUSTER-206) (jfclere)

Make logging on Tomcat use JDK14LoggerPlugin by default (MODCLUSTER-185) (pferraro)

update mod_cluster to use HTTP/1.1 (MODCLUSTER-201) (jfclere)

Add support for system properties used in 1.0.x (MODCLUSTER-207) (pferraro)

Demo servlets throw InstanceNotFoundException against EAP5 (MODCLUSTER-170) (pferraro)

mod_advertise: Invalid ServerAdvertise Address too often (MODCLUSTER-172) (jfclere)

Fix class name of MBeanAttributeRatioLoadMetric in MC config (MODCLUSTER-174) (pferraro)

Wrong configuration could cause an httpd core (MODCLUSTER-175) (jfclere)

Advertise not configured error message in log is actually a warning (MODCLUSTER-176) (jfclere)

Better no servers connected message (MODCLUSTER-165) (jfclere)

How does the UI deal with 20 or more servers (MODCLUSTER-165) (jfclere)

mod_cluster should use hostname provided in address instead a IP address (MODCLUSTER-168) (pferraro)

Read only view of mod_cluster-manager (MODCLUSTER-181) (jfclere)

Demo client throws Bus Error when run with JDK 1.6 on OSX (MODCLUSTER-169) (jfclere)

Use versioned docs (MODCLUSTER-141) (jfclere, pferraro)

Deprecate use of term "domain" (MODCLUSTER-177) (jfclere, pferraro)

Rpc failure can lead to failure to deploy a webapp (MODCLUSTER-140) (pferraro)

Quotes in jsessionId causing sticky sessions to fail (MODCLUSTER-146) (jfclere)

ManagerBalancerName doesn't work (MODCLUSTER-153) (jfclere)

Parsing of IPv6 loopback address fails (MODCLUSTER-156) (pferraro)

SystemMemoryUsageLoadMetric returns wrong load metric (MODCLUSTER-157) (pferraro)

Clean shutdown logic can still inadvertently kill requests for non-distributed contexts. (MODCLUSTER-159) (pferraro)

NoClassDefFoundError running demo app against AS6 (MODCLUSTER-161) (pferraro)

Allow override of default clean shutdown behavior (MODCLUSTER-139) (pferraro)

Avoid unnecessary open sockets for non-master nodes (MODCLUSTER-158) (pferraro)

Add the lifecycle listener dynamically (MODCLUSTER-20) (pferraro)

Use UUID for auto-generated jvmRoute (MODCLUSTER-142) (pferraro)

improve packaging so that the bundle can run in ~ too (MODCLUSTER-150) (jfclere)

jboss.mod_cluster.proxyList: invalid hosts cause mod-cluster startup to be delayed (MODCLUSTER-155) (pferraro)

mod_cluster 1.1.0.CR1 doesn't work with Tomcat (MODCLUSTER-143) (jfclere/pferraro)

Allow configuration of stopContextTimeout units (MODCLUSTER-138) (pferraro)

Add a solaris10 64 bits sparc in the bundles (MODCLUSTER-137) (jfclere)

INFO and mod_cluster_manager/ displays milliseconds and DUMP second (MODCLUSTER-128) (jfclere)

Make mod_cluster manager tolerant to F5 page refresh when disabled context (MODCLUSTER-124) (jfclere)

Update httpd to 2.2.25. (MODCLUSTER-134) (jfclere)

Apache with mod_cluster refuses to start at first, but after 7 retries it starts up (MODCLUSTER-120) (jfclere)

Add getLoad() to load metric mbean interface (MODCLUSTER-130) (pferraro)

Disable "cnone" request parameter to ease remote invocation on mod_cluster-manager (MODCLUSTER-127) (jfclere)

Microcontainer does not always choose the right constructor when creating ModClusterService (MODCLUSTER-116) (pferraro)

Microcontainer does not choose the right constructor when creating RequestCountLoadMetric (MODCLUSTER-126) (pferraro)

Mod_cluster does support more that 3 Alias in <Host/> (MODCLUSTER-121) (jfclere)

Allow toggling of context auto-enable during mod_cluster startup. (MODCLUSTER-125) (pferraro)

STATUS should retry the worker even if there was an error before. (MODCLUSTER-133) (jfclere)

Split ModClusterServiceMBean.ping(String) into 3 methods (MODCLUSTER-110) (pferraro/jfclere)

Use clean shutdown by default, leveraging STOP-APP-RSP for <distributable/> contexts and session draining for non-distributable contexts.  mod_cluster shutdown now triggered earlier via Connector JMX notification.  (MODCLUSTER-131) (pferraro/jfclere)

move the web site to magnolia (MODCLUSTER-114) (.org team)

ping and nodeTimeout interact. (MODCLUSTER-132) (jfclere)

update mod_jk to 1.2.30  (MODCLUSTER-138) (jfclere)

query string is truncated to (MODCLUSTER-118) (jfclere)

AdvertiseBindAddress does not default to the 23364 port (MODCLUSTER-119) (jfclere)

Skip load balance factor calculation if there are no proxies to receive status message (MODCLUSTER-103) (pferraro)

Disabling contexts does not work (MODCLUSTER-123) (jfclere)

advertise doesn't use new AdvertiseSecurityKey on graceful restarts. (MODCLUSTER-129) (jfclere)

Load-demo.war specifies obsolete servlet in web.xml  (MODCLUSTER-113) (pferraro)

Interaction with mod_rewrite looks weird for end-users. (MODCLUSTER-86) (jfclere)

admin-console should be in the excludedContexts. (MODCLUSTER-87) (pferraro)

ClassCastException upon redeploy after mod-cluster-jboss-beans.xml modification. (MODCLUSTER-88) (pferraro)

Alias from webapps/jboss-web.xml are not handled correctly in mod_cluster. (MODCLUSTER-89) (jfclere)

Display version. (MODCLUSTER-90) (jfclere)

Connector bind address of propagated to proxy. (MODCLUSTER-91) (pferraro)

Display status of the worker. (MODCLUSTER-92) (jfclere)

Update httpd to lastest version. (MODCLUSTER-93) (jfclere)

getProxyInfo failed when there are too many nodes. (MODCLUSTER-94) (jfclere)

mod_cluster-manager display corrupted with jboss starting. (MODCLUSTER-95) (jfclere)

DISABLE application active as STOPPED. (MODCLUSTER-96) (jfclere)

Httpd should remove workers it can't ping. (MODCLUSTER-97) (jfclere)

Linux mod_cluster_manager display zero instead values. (MODCLUSTER-98) (jfclere)

mod_cluster_manager doesn't seem to ENABLE/DISABLE the right context. (MODCLUSTER-99) (jfclere)

load balancing logic doesn't allow manual demo of load-balancing. (MODCLUSTER-100) (jfclere)

404 errors when load is increasing. (MODCLUSTER-102) (jfclere)

Advertise security key verification does not work. (MODCLUSTER-104) (jfclere)

Allow advertise listener to listen on a specific network interface. (MODCLUSTER-106) (pferraro)

Allow thread factory injection for advertise listener. (MODCLUSTER-108) (pferraro)

Create SPI and isolate tomcat/jbossweb usage into service provider implementation. (MODCLUSTER-111) (pferraro)