Package org.modeshape.jcr

The ModeShape implementation of the JCR API.


Interface Summary
JcrConfiguration.RepositoryDefinition<ReturnType> Interface used to define a JCR Repository that's accessible from the JcrEngine.
JcrNodeTypeSource Interface for any potential provider of JcrNodeType definitions, the ModeShape implementation of NodeType.
ModeShapePermissions The set of constants that can be used for action literals with the Session.checkPermission(String, String) method.
ModeShapeRoles ModeShape currently defines three roles: readonly, readwrite, and admin.

Class Summary
JcrConfiguration A configuration builder for a JcrEngine.
JcrEngine The basic component that encapsulates the ModeShape services, including the Repository instances.
JcrI18n The internationalized string constants for the org.modeshape.jcr* packages.
JcrLexicon Lexicon of names from the standard JCR "" namespace.
JcrMixLexicon Lexicon of names from the standard JCR "" namespace.
JcrNodeTypeManager Local implementation of @{link NodeTypeManager}.
JcrNodeTypeTemplate ModeShape implementation of the JCR NodeTypeTemplate interface
JcrNtLexicon Lexicon of names from the standard JCR "" namespace.
JcrRepository Creates JCR sessions to an underlying repository (which may be a federated repository).
JcrRepository.DefaultOption The default values for each of the JcrRepository.Option.
JcrRepository.QueryLanguage The set of supported query language string constants.
JcrSvLexicon Lexicon of names from the standard JCR "" namespace.
JcrTools Utility methods for working with JCR nodes.
JndiRepositoryFactory The JndiRepositoryFactory class provides a means of initializing and accessing repositories in a JNDI tree.
ModeShapeIntLexicon A lexicon of internal and implementation-specific information
ModeShapeLexicon A lexicon of names used within ModeShape.
SecurityContextCredentials Credentials implementation that wraps a ModeShape security context.

Enum Summary
JcrRepository.Option The available options for the JcrRepository.

Package org.modeshape.jcr Description

The ModeShape implementation of the JCR API. To use, first create a JcrConfiguration to represent the desired configuration, and then use the configuration to build a JcrEngine instance. This engine must be started, used to obtain JCR Repository instances, and then shutdown when no longer needed.

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