Release Notes for ModeShape 2.0.0.Final

JCR Support

With version 2.0.0.Final, ModeShape introduces support for the JCR 2.0 API, improvements to existing connectors and sequencers, and quite a few bug fixes and improvements.

This means that ModeShape now implements all of the required JCR 2.0 features: repository acquisition, authentication, reading/navigating, query, export, node type discovery, and permissions and capability checking. ModeShape also implements most of the optional JCR 2.0 features: writing, import, observation, workspace management, versioning, locking, node type management, same-name siblings, and orderable child nodes. The remaining optional features (shareable nodes, access control management, lifecycle management, retention and hold, and transactions) may be introduced in future versions.

ModeShape supports the JCR-SQL2 and JCR-QOM query languages defined in JSR-283, plus the XPath and JCR-SQL languages defined in JSR-170 but deprecated in JSR-283. ModeShape also supports a simple search-engine-like language that is actually just the full-text search expression grammar used in the second parameter of the CONTAINS(...) function of the JCR-SQL2 language.

As with previous releases, ModeShape 2.0.0.Final integrates with JAAS and web application security, or you can easily integrate it with other systems. ModeShape can use a variety of back-ends to store information ( RDBMSes, Infinispan data grid, memory, JBoss Cache, JCR repositories), can access content in multiple systems ( file systems, SVN repositories, JDBC metadata), can federate multiple stores and systems into a single JCR repository, or can access other systems using custom connectors. ModeShape is also able to automatically extract and store useful content from files you upload into the repository using its library of sequencers, making that information much more accessible and searchable than if it remains locked up inside the stored files. And ModeShape provides WebDAV and RESTful servers to allow various clients to access the content. For details, see the Reference Guide.

The 2.0.0.Final release has not yet been certified to be fully compliant with JCR 2.0. The ModeShape project plans to focus on attaining this certification in the very near future.

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