Release Notes for ModeShape 4.0.0.Alpha4

This document outlines the changes that were made in ModeShape 4.0.0.Alpha4. We hope you enjoy it!

What's new

4.0.0.Alpha4 provides a fast, elastic, distributed hierarchical database that clients work with via the standard JCR 2.0 (JSR-283) API. ModeShape 4 is a major upgrade over 3.x and offers significant improvements in clustering, performance, query, and events. All JCR 2.0 features are supported, and ModeShape 4 has complete integration with Wildfly 8, allowing deployed applications to simply lookup and use repositories managed by ModeShape's service.

As of 4.0.0.Alpha1, ModeShape is licensed under the Apache Software License, 2.0.

This is the fourth alpha release of the 4.0 stream, and it includes quite a few fixes and new features. There is a newly redesigned Repository Explorer web application that can be deployed in a web server alongside ModeShape, including on Wildfly 8. The query system has matured, and we're still trying to solidy the index provider framework.

The first alpha release introduced a new query engine that allows clients to explicitly define the indexes used in the query system, and the second alpha release brought minor changes to the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for query providers and introduced a programmatic API and configuration modifications for defining indexes, although no complete query providers are included (see next release). Alpha2 had support for the JCR event journal feature, allowing applications to poll for changes that occurred during time ranges. This is a useful alternative to listeners that may be expensive or time-consuming. Alpha3 introduced a new event system and our new ring buffer that is substantially faster than what we had in 3.x; of course, there's no change in the event APIs so your listener implementations will continue to work unchanged.

What to test

Since this is an alpha release, not all features targeted to 4.0 are complete, and there are likely bugs with some of the newer features. Therefore, please do not put 4.0.0.Alpha4 into production.

However, we would like to get as much feedback as possible, so we do ask that our community do limited testing with 4.0.0.Alpha4 to help us identify problems. Specifically, we ask that you test the following areas:


ModeShape 4.0.0.Alpha4 has these features:

All of the JCR 2.0 features previously supported in 2.x are currently supported:

Accessing the Repository


Reading Repository Content

Writing Repository Content

Query / Search

Importing/Exporting Repository Content

Node Types

Repository Metadata under System Node

Other JCR Optional Features

Content Storage Options

Binary Storage Options

ModeShape also has features that go beyond the JCR API:

ModeShape Federation Connectors

ModeShape Sequencers

ModeShape Deployment/Access Models

Other ModeShape features

Bug Fixes, Features, and other Issues

The following are the bugs, features and other issues that have been fixed in the 4.0.0.Alpha4 release:


Component Upgrade


Feature Request