Release Notes for ModeShape 4.6.0.Final

This document outlines the changes that were made in ModeShape 4.6.0.Final. We hope you enjoy it!

What's new

This release addresses 13 issues and 5 enhancements, most notably:


ModeShape 4.6.0.Final has these features:

All of the JCR 2.0 features previously supported in 2.x are currently supported:

Accessing the Repository


Reading Repository Content

Writing Repository Content

Query / Search

Importing/Exporting Repository Content

Node Types

Repository Metadata under System Node

Other JCR Optional Features

Content Storage Options

Binary Storage Options

ModeShape also has features that go beyond the JCR API:

ModeShape Federation Connectors

ModeShape Sequencers

ModeShape Deployment/Access Models

Other ModeShape features

Bug Fixes, Features, and other Issues

The following are the bugs, features and other issues that have been fixed in the 4.6.0.Final release:



Feature Request