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Chapter 1. Overview

The Overlord CDL distribution contains two main types of functionality:

  1. the ability to validate executing services against a choreography description (an example of runtime governance).
  2. the ability to build an ESB using 'conversation aware' actions which can be checked for conformance against a choreography description (an example of design time governance).

This document will describe the samples available to demonstrate each aspect of the functionality.

Further information about configuring the runtime validation of services against a choreography can be found in the UserGuide. Information regarding the conversation aware ESB actions, and how to use them in conjunction with conformance checking against a choreography description, can also be found in the UserGuide.


Before attempting to install and run these examples, you must follow the instructions in the "Installation" Chapter of the Getting Started Guide regarding installing Overlord CDL into a JBossAS environment, and importing the samples into the Eclipse environment.