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3.2.2. Simple Portal tag library

Simple Portal relies on the JSP technology to build pages for several good reasons:

  • JSPs provide an adequate technology for building portal pages. This does not mean that portlet applications are required to use JSP, just that Simple Portal uses JSPs to organize portlets as pages. Portlets themselves are independent of the technology used for pages and can be developed using whichever technology or web framework you prefer/require.
  • Java web developers are familiar with JSP technology.
  • JSP makes it is easy and straightforward to create portal pages without requiring advanced tooling and, in most instances, can leverage IDEs support for JSPs.
  • Several web frameworks are compatible with JSP and it is possible to leverage them. For example, it is possible to use Sitemesh for application skinning and still leverage Simple Portal's JSP tag library.
<page>If you need more advanced page creation capabilities, you should consider using a more advanced portal product such as JBoss Portal. </page>