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3.2.1. Portlet deployment

Simple Portal integrates with a few web containers in order to provide handling of portlet deployment and runtime. This feature leverages JBoss Portal's Web Service Provider Interface (SPI). In particular, JBoss Portlet Container uses the Web SPI in order to transparently react to the life cycle of WAR files that contains portlet components as they are deployed or undeployed on the target servlet container. The SPI defines two levels of integrations.

SPI implementation level 1 works with any web container but relies on portlet developers to insert a specific servlet in the web.xml descriptor of their portlet applications.

SPI implementation level 2 is based on more advanced integration with specific web containers and provides transparent deployment of portlet applications without requiring any proprietary modification of the war file, keeping your application vendor agnostic. A few containers are supported:

  • Tomcat 6.0.x
  • JBoss Application Server 4.2.x