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Developer Guide

Develop applications using RichFaces 4



Read this book for a comprehensive guide to getting started and working with RichFaces 4. It includes details of the architecture, the framework's use in different applications, and skinning implementations.

1. Introduction
2. Getting started with RichFaces
2.1. Technical Requirements
2.2. Development environments
2.3. Setting up RichFaces
2.4. Creating a project with JBoss Tools
2.5. Creating a project with Maven
2.5.1. Setting up Maven
2.5.2. Using the RichFaces project archetype
2.6. Using RichFaces in existing JSF 2 projects
3. RichFaces overview
3.1. Full technical requirements
3.1.1. Server requirements
3.1.2. Client requirements
3.1.3. Development requirements
3.2. Architecture
3.2.1. Ajax Action Components
3.2.2. Ajax Containers
3.2.3. Ajax Output
3.2.4. Skins and theming
3.2.5. RichFaces Ajax Extensions
3.3. Technologies
3.4. Differences between JSF and RichFaces mechanisms
3.5. Restrictions
3.6. Compiling from source code
4. Basic concepts
4.1. Sending an Ajax request
4.2. Partial tree processing
4.3. Partial view updates
4.4. Component overview
5. Advanced features
5.1. JSF 2 integration
5.2. Error handling
5.2.1. Client-side errors
5.2.2. Server-side errors
5.3. Other functions
6. Skinning and theming
6.1. What are skins?
6.2. Using skins
6.3. Skinning overview
6.3.1. Skin parameter tables
6.3.2. ECSS files
6.4. Customizing skins
6.4.1. Creating a new skin
6.5. Changing skins at runtime
6.6. Skinning standard controls
6.6.1. Automatic skinning
6.6.2. Skinning with the rfs-ctn class
A. Style classes and skin parameters
A.1. Processing management
A.1.1. <a4j:log>
A.2. Rich inputs
A.2.1. <rich:autocomplete>
A.2.2. <rich:calendar>
A.2.3. <rich:fileUpload>
A.2.4. <rich:inplaceInput>
A.2.5. <rich:inplaceSelect>
A.2.6. <rich:inputNumberSlider>
A.2.7. <rich:inputNumberSpinner>
A.2.8. <rich:select>
A.3. Panels and containers
A.3.1. <rich:panel>
A.3.2. <rich:accordion>
A.3.3. <rich:collapsiblePanel>
A.3.4. <rich:popupPanel>
A.3.5. <rich:tabPanel>
A.4. Tables and grids
A.4.1. <rich:dataTable>
A.4.2. <rich:collapsibleSubTable>
A.4.3. <rich:collapsibleSubTableToggler>
A.4.4. <rich:extendedDataTable>
A.4.5. <rich:dataGrid>
A.4.6. <rich:list>
A.4.7. <rich:dataScroller>
A.5. Trees
A.5.1. <rich:tree>
A.5.2. <rich:treeNode>
A.6. Menus and toolbars
A.6.1. <rich:dropDownMenu>
A.6.2. <rich:panelMenu>
A.6.3. <rich:toolbar>
A.7. Output and messages
A.7.1. <rich:message>
A.7.2. <rich:messages>
A.7.3. <rich:progressBar>
A.7.4. <rich:tooltip>
A.8. Drag and drop
A.8.1. <rich:dropTarget>
A.8.2. <rich:dragIndicator>
B. Revision History