Teiid 10.0.0.Final Release Notes

Teiid 10.0.0.Final adds performance features, microservice enablement, the upgrade to WildFly 11, and removes legacy features.



Compatibility Issues

from 9.3

from 9.2

from 9.1

from 9.0

from 8.x

Configuration Issues

See the Admin Guide for more on configuration and installation.

from 9.2

from 9.1

from 9.0

from 8.x

Other Issues

Thirdparty Library Updates

The following components have been updated:

From 9.3

From 9.2

From 9.1

Detailed Release Notes

Detailed Release Notes - Teiid - Version 10.0.0.Final

Documentation and Help

The Teiid community project is hosted on jboss.org. Documentation and help may be obtained from the local distribution under teiid-docs or the following locations.


Teiid is licensed under the LGPL. The license texts for Teiid and the thirdparty components it uses may be found in the teiid-docs/licenses directory of the distribution.

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