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Teiid - Scalable Information Integration

Teiid Admin Shell User Guide

6.0.0 GA

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1. Introduction Teiid Admin Shell
1.1. Introduction to MMAdmin
1.1.1. Where can you find MMAdmin?
2. Getting Started with MMAdmin
2.1. Essential rules to follow in using MMAdmin
2.2. Basic commands to get started
2.3. "help" command
3. Working with Scripts
3.1. How to write your own scripts
3.2. Executing script file in interactive mode
3.3. Executing script file in non-interactive mode
3.4. Log File and Recorded Script file
4. Connection Management
4.1. Default Connection Properties
4.2. Handling Multiple Connections
5. Writing Tests using MMAdmin
A. Frequently Asked Questions
B. Assert Commands Available
B.1. Assertions for SQL results
B.2. Assertions for checking any values
C. JDBC Commands