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Appendix B. Assert Commands Available

The following are the list of assert commands available in the MMAdmin to be used with the scripts.

 * Assert that the result set has given number of rows.
 * @param count – Number of rows expected
assertRowCount(int count); 

 * Assert that the result set contents match those of supplied rows
 * @param expectedRows – expected rows 
assertResultsSetEquals(String[] expectedRows);

 * Assert that the result set contents match those of supplied rows in
 * a file
 * @param expectedRows – expected rows 
assertResultsSetEquals(File expected)        
 * assert that the given expression is true or false
void assertTrue(boolean condition);
void assertTrue(String message, boolean condition);
void assertFalse(boolean condition);
void assertFalse(String message, boolean condition);

 * Assert that two supplied values are equal
void assertEquals(boolean expected, boolean actual);
void assertEquals(byte expected, byte actual);
void assertEquals(char expected, char actual);
void assertEquals(double expected,  double actual,double delta) ;
void assertEquals(float expected, float actual,float delta);
void assertEquals(int expected, int actual);
void assertEquals(Object expected, Object actual);
void assertEquals(long expected, long actual);
void assertEquals(short expected, short actual) ;
void assertEquals(String message,  boolean expected,  boolean actual);
void assertEquals(String message, byte expected,byte actual);
void assertEquals(String message, char expected,char actual);
void assertEquals(String message, double expected,double actual,double delta);
void assertEquals(String message, float expected,float actual,float delta);
void assertEquals(String message, int expected, int actual);
void assertEquals(String message, Object expected,Object actual);
void assertEquals(String expected, String actual);
void assertEquals(String message,String expected,String actual);
void assertEquals(String message,long expected,long actual)
void assertEquals(String message,short expected,short actual);

 * Assert that the given object is either Null or Not Null
void assertNotNull(Object object);
void assertNotNull(String message, Object object);
void assertNull(Object object) ;
void assertNull(String message, Object object);

 * Assertion to check if two supplied objects same objects or not
 * the difference here is these use == vs equals in the equals methods.
void assertNotSame(Object expected, Object actual) ;
void assertNotSame(String message,Object expected,Object actual);
void assertSame(Object expected, Object actual);
void assertSame(String message,Object expected,Object actual);

 * Assertion to fail the program explicitly
void fail();
void fail(String message);