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Chapter 5. Compiling the Classes and Running the Application

As this is the Eclipse environment, no explicit compilation step is required. By default, Eclipse compiles as you go.

Thus at this point everything is ready for running our application without having to leave JBoss Developer Studio by using the JBoss Application Server engine that comes with the JBoss Developer Studio. For controlling JBoss AS within JBoss Developer Studio, there is Servers view.

Servers Panel

Figure 5.1. Servers Panel

  • Start up JBoss AS by clicking on the icon in Servers view. (If JBoss AS is already running, stop it by clicking on the red icon and then start it again. Remember, the Struts run-time requires restarting the servlet engine when any changes have been made.)

  • After the messages in the Console tabbed view stop scrolling, JBoss AS is available. At this point, right-click on the getName global forward in the struts-config.xml diagram view and select Run on Server.

The browser should appear with the application started.