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Seam Developer Tools Reference Guide

Version: 4.0.0

1. Introduction
1.1. What is Seam?
1.2. Key Features of JBoss Seam
2. Creating a New Seam Project via the New Seam Project wizard
2.1. Create standalone Seam Web Project
2.2. Selecting the Project Facets
2.2.1. Seam project with JPA facets
2.3. Java application building configuration
2.4. How to Configure Web Module Settings
2.5. Adding JSF Capabilities
2.6. Configure Seam Facet Settings
3. Maven Integration for Seam Projects
3.1. Creating Maven ready Seam project
3.2. Existing Maven Projects Import
4. Directory Structure of the Generated Project
4.1. WAR Deployment
4.2. EAR Deployment
4.3. Changing the Seam Version
4.4. Changing Seam Parent Project
4.5. Renaming the Projects and Folders
5. Seam Menus and Actions
5.1. File Menu Actions
5.2. Navigate Menu Actions
5.2.1. Find Seam References/Declarations
5.2.2. Open Seam Component
6. Seam Wizards
6.1. New Seam Action
6.2. New Seam Form
6.3. New Seam Conversation
6.4. New Seam Entity
7. Seam Generate Entities
8. Seam Editors
8.1. Visual Page Editor
8.2. Seam Pages Editor
8.2.1. Graphical Mode
8.2.2. Tree Mode
8.2.3. Outline Support for Seam Pages Editor
8.3. Seam Components Editor
8.4. Main Features of Seam Editors
8.4.1. Content Assist
8.4.2. Content Assist for Page Descriptors
8.4.3. OpenOn
8.4.4. Seam Validation
9. Seam Views
9.1. Seam Components View
9.2. Project Explorer integration
10. Seam Preferences
10.1. General Preferences
10.1.1. Validator Preferences
10.2. Project Preferences
10.3. Adding Custom Capabilities
11. Seam Refactoring Tools
11.1. Using the Refactorinig Wizard
11.2. Renaming Seam Components
11.2.1. Renaming Seam Components in the Java Editor
11.2.2. Renaming Seam Components in the Seam Components View
11.2.3. Renaming Seam Components in the Seam Components Editor
11.3. Renaming Seam Context Variables in EL
12. Adding Seam support to EAR project
13. Generate a CRUD Database Application
13.1. What is CRUD?
13.2. How to create the CRUD Database Application with Seam
14. The CRUD Application Walkthrough
14.1. Using CRUD Application
15. What is TestNG?
15.1. How to use the generated Seam-test project to run Seam tests?
16. FAQ
16.1. How to get Code Assist for Seam specific resources in an externally generated project?
16.2. How to import an example Seam project from jboss-eap directory?
16.3. How to change the deploy folders for Seam source code from src/hot and src/main?