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Seam Tools Tutorial

Version: 3.3.0.Beta1

1. Create a Seam Application
1.1. Start Development Database
1.2. Create and deploy Seam Web Project
1.3. Start JBoss Application Server
1.4. Workshop Project Code Overview
2. Seam Action Development
2.1. Create a New Seam Action
2.2. Test Seam Action
2.3. Modify Seam Action User Interface
3. Declarative Security
3.1. Edit Login Authentication Logic
3.2. Secure Seam Page Component
4. Browsing Workshop Database
4.1. Database Connectivity Setup
4.2. Browse Workshop Database
5. Database Programming
5.1. Reverse Engineer CRUD from a Running Database
5.2. Use Hibernate Tools to Query Data via JPA
5.3. Use Hibernate Tools to visualize the Data Model
6. Rich Components
6.1. Add a Richfaces component to the CRUD Application