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JBoss SOAP Web Services User Guide

Version: 3.3.0.M5

1. JBoss SOAP Web Services Runtime and Tools support Overview
1.1. Key Features of JBossWS
2. Creating a Simple Web Service
2.1. Generation
3. Creating a Web Service using JBossWS runtime
3.1. Creating a Dynamic Web project
3.2. Configure JBoss Web Service facet settings
3.3. Creating a Web Service from a WSDL document using JBossWS runtime
3.4. Creating a Web service from a Java bean using JBossWS runtime
4. Creating a Web Service Client from a WSDL Document using JBoss WS
5. JBoss Web Services and the development environment
5.1. Preferences
5.2. Default Server and Runtime
6. Sample Web Service wizards
6.1. Sample Web Service
6.1.1. Generation
6.1.2. Deployment
7. Web Service Test View
7.1. Preliminaries
7.2. Testing a Web Service