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A DeployableContainer implementation that can run against a remote(different JVM, same machine) running JBoss AS 7.0 instance.
This implementation has lifecycle support, so it can be started or stopped.

Container Injection Support Matrix

@EJB @EJB (no-interface) @Inject (CDI) @Inject (MC) @PersistenceContext @PersistenceUnit

The JBossAS7 container also support OSGi Bundle / Context injection in OSGi modules and Module Contexts/ServiceController when developing Modules (only when using the jmx-as7 protocol).


Default Protocol: jmx-as7

Container Configuration Options

Name Type Default Description
jbossHome String $JBOSS_HOME The JBoss configuration to start.
javaHome String $JAVA_HOME The Java runtime to use to start the server.
modulePath String $module.path The location of the module repository.
javaVmArguments String -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m JVM arguments used to start the server.
startupTimeoutInSeconds int 30 Time to wait before throwing Exception on server startup.
outputToConsole boolean true Should the server startup console log be piped to the console
serverConfig String standalone.xml Which server configuration file to startup with
managementAddress String The ip address of the running server instances manage interface
managementPort int 9999 The management port for deployment
allowConnectingToRunningServer boolean
false If true, if a running AS is found on managementPort, it is used; if false, fails.

Example of Maven profile setup

For JBoss AS 7.0.0.Final, you need to configure the jmx protocol used. Example:
s s Delete
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  1. Feb 25, 2012

    Where do the container configuration options go?

    Into the arquillian.xml, or into the pom?

    From where keywords like the container qualifier e.g. jboss7 are comming from?

    Are they defined some where? or of free choice?

    How is the relationship? Where a container qualifier is used and hence must be cognizable?

    A more extended example would be helpful to localize relationships.

    1. Feb 27, 2012

      The options above should go into arquillian.xml. As an example see the kitchensink - example from the jboss quickstart examples.

      1. Feb 27, 2012

        Thanks, I'll have a look at the kitchensink shortly, I mean ASAP, probably near end of the week.

  2. Apr 14, 2014

    I have a scenario where the jboss-managed is started by a testng test, but the server would not start.

    How can I trigger the server startup? What is sufficient to make it start? 

    Some more info on the tests: actually in my tests there are no ear or war shrinkwrapped, as the deployments are expected already to be present on the Jboss instance, so my test would start the server, then start some graphene-drone-selenium tests on the web applications that are deployed there.