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With Arquillian Seam 2 extension you can easily test your applications created with Seam 2 framework against real containers!

Following features are supported:

  • Test enrichment for @In injection points from the Seam 2 Context.
  • Packaging support for adding the Seam 2 framework (so you don't need to specify it explictly in your @Deployment method).
You can turn off autopackaging feature in arquillian.xml. See "Additional configuration" section for details.

See it in action

Let's consider following Seam 2 component

In order to test it we can write standard Arquillian-powered test:

Under the hood Arquillian Seam 2 extension will enrich the test archive with all required dependencies needed for deploying Seam 2 application and deploy it to the container as web archive (WAR).

Additional configuration

You can customize Arquillian Seam 2 extension configuration in arquillian.xml by adding following element:

List of all available properties

Property name Default value Description
seamVersion 2.2.2.Final Version of Seam 2 framework artifact used by autopackaging mechanism
jbossElVersion 1.0_02.CR5 Version of JBoss Expression Language extension artifact used by Seam 2
autoPackage true Turn on/off autopackaging feature.

Maven setup

The only extra dependency needed is arquillian-seam2, as described in the snippet below.

Take a look at the Getting started to see how you set up arquillian using maven.

Note: You might face problems obtaining some Seam 2 dependencies. You should add these repositories to fix the problem.

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