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Test enrichers

When you use a unit testing framework like JUnit or TestNG, your test case lives in a world on its own. That makes integration testing pretty difficult because it means the environment in which the business logic executes must be self-contained within the scope of the test case (whether at the suite, class or method level). The bonus of setting up this environment in the test falls on the developer's shoulders.

With Arquillian, you no longer have to worry about setting up the execution environment because that is all handled for you. The test will either be running in a container or a local CDI environment. But you still need some way to hook your test into this environment.

A key part of in-container integration testing is getting access the container-managed components that you plan to test. Using the Java new operator to instantiate the business class is not suitable in this testing scenario because it leaves out the declaratives services that get applied to the component at runtime. We want the real deal. Arquillian uses test enrichment to give us access to the real deal. The visible result of test enrichment is injection of container resources and beans directly into the test class.

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