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A DeployableContainer implementation that can connect to a Remote Tomcat 7 Servlet Container.

Container Injection Support Matrix

@Resource @EJB @EJB (no-interface) @Inject (CDI) @Inject (MC) @PersistenceContext @PersistenceUnit
CDI support requires use of Weld Servlet and associated configuration.


Default Protocol: Servlet 3.0

Container Configuration Options

Name Type Default Description
int 8080 The HTTP port the server is bound to.
host String localhost The host the server is running on.
user String   The user to authenticate as when using the Management console
pass String   The password to authenticate with when using the Management console
int 8089 The JMX port used to connect to the running instance, needed for deployment introspection

Example of Maven profile setup

The Remote Tomcat instance has to expose a remote JMX MBeanConnection. This can be done by adding the following to the startup script:
Linux example -

Note: This makes your Tomcat insecure; use only for development purposes. If you want to secure, see e.g. Chapter 10. Monitoring Enterprise Web Server with JBoss Operating Network in JBoss Enterprise Web Server 1.0 Installation Guide.

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