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A DeployableContainer implementation that can run and connect to a embedded(same JVM) Weld(CDI reference implementation) EE version. Mock EE APIs are available. This implementation has lifecycle support, so the container will be started and stopped as part of the test run.

Container Injection Support Matrix

@EJB @EJB (no-interface) @Inject (CDI) @Inject (MC) @PersistenceContext @PersistenceUnit
Local EJBs only, which get treated as managed beans. Transactions, security and EJB context injection are not applied.


Default Protocol: Local

Container Configuration Options

Name Type Default Description
enableConversationScope boolean false Activate ConversationScope between @Test methods. Use this to simulate Weld Servlet HTTP Conversation scope support.

Example of Maven profile setup

To run Weld EE Embedded you also need the Java EE APIs. These APIs might be provided to you by other dependencies like org.jboss.jbossas:jboss-as-client, org.jboss.spec:jboss-javaee-6.0 or org.glassfish.extras:glassfish-embedded-all.

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