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Arquillian Graphene

Which Graphene to use?

Graphene 1 (GrapheneSelenium) is derived from Selenium 1 (DefaultSelenium) and its base API is type-safe version of Selenium 1.

Graphene 2 is built on top of Selenium WebDriver (WebDriver) and it adds more functionality over basic WebDriver API.





Selenium 1



Graphene 1


type-safe version of DefaultSelenium + extensions

Selenium 2

WebDriver and DefaultSelenium


Graphene 2


extensions for WebDriver


What are differences between Graphene 1 and Graphene 2?

The differences are same like between Selenium 1 and Selenium 2.

Do I need to migrate tests from Graphene 1 to Graphene 2?

No, you can use them side by side - Selenium 2 comes with both APIs bundled in one library (DefaultSelenium and WebDriver),
and Graphene 1 and Graphene 2 follows that pattern.

Drone will make sure it instantiates right version for you.

What version is recommended?

Graphene 2 is the one which we focus development on - it is planned to have all features of Graphene 1 migrated to Graphene 2.

In the future, Graphene 2 will likely get functions which aren't available for Graphene1, e.g.:

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