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Setting up and running the test in NetBeans

Things get even simpler when using NetBeans 6.8 or better. NetBeans ships with native Maven 2 support and, rather than including a test plugin for each unit testing framework, it has a generic test plugin which delegates to the Maven surefire plugin to execute the tests.

Import your Maven project into NetBeans. Then, look for a select menu in the main toolbar, which you can use to set the active Maven profile. Select the jbossas-remote-6 profile as shown here:

NetBeans project configuration

Now you are ready to test. Simply right click on the TemperatureConverter.java file in the Projects pane and select Test File. NetBeans will delegate to the Maven surefire plugin to execute the tests and then display the results in a result windown, showing us a pretty green bar!

Successful test report in NetBeans

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