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x - Container management

While the management of an embedded container is straightforward, you may wonder how Arquillian knows where the remote and managed containers are installed. Actually, Arquillian only needs to know the install path of managed containers (e.g., jbossas-managed-6). In this case, since Arquillian manages the container process, it must have access to the container's startup script. For managed JBoss AS containers, the install path is read from the environment variable JBOSS_HOME.

For remote containers (e.g., jbossas-remote-6), Arquillian simply needs to know that the container is running and communicates with it using a remote protocol (e.g., JNDI). You have to set the remote address and HTTP port in the container configuration if they differ from the default values (localhost and 8080 for JBoss AS, respectively).

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