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Example Applications Migrated from Previous Releases

The applications in this section were written for a previous version of the server but have been modified to run on AS7. Changes were made to resolve issues that arose during deployment and runtime or to fix problems with application behaviour. Each example below documents the changes that were made to get the application to run successfully on AS7.

Seam 2 JPA example

To see details on changes required to run this application on AS7, see Seam 2 JPA example deployment on JBoss AS 7.

Seam 2 Booking example

For details on how to migration this demo application, see Seam 2 Booking example on JBoss AS 7 on Marek Novotny's Blog.

Seam 2 Booking - step-by-step migration of binaries

This document takes a somewhat different "brute force" approach. The idea is to deploy the binaries to AS7, then see what issues you hit and learn how debug and resolve them. See Seam 2 Booking EAR Migration of Binaries - Step by Step.

jBPM-Console application

Kris Verlaenen migrated this application from AS 5 to AS 7. For details about this migration, see jBPM5 on AS7: Lightning ! on his Kris's Blog.

Order application used for performance testing

Andy Miller migrated this application from AS 5 to AS 7. For details about this migration, see Order Application Migration from EAP5.1 to AS7.

Migrate example application

A step by step work through of issues, and their solutions, that might crop up when migrating applications to JBoss AS7. See the following github project for details.

Example Applications Based on EE6

Applications in this section were designed and written specifically to use the features and functions of EE6.


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