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The overall server logging configuration is represented by the logging subsystem. It consists of three notable parts: handler configurations, logger and the root logger declarations (aka log categories). Each logger does reference a handler (or set of handlers). Each handler declares the log format and output:

Default Log File Locations

Managed Domain

In a managed domain two types of log files do exist: Controller and server logs. The controller components govern the domain as whole. It's their responsibility to start/stop server instances and execute managed operations throughout the domain. Server logs contain the logging information for a particular server instance. They are co-located with the host the server is running on.

For the sake of simplicity we look at the default setup for managed domain. In this case, both the domain controller components and the servers are located on the same host:

Process Log File
Host Controller ./domain/log/host-controller/boot.log
Process Controller ./domain/log/process-controller/boot.log
"Server One" ./domain/servers/server-one/log/boot.log
"Server One" ./domain/servers/server-one/log/server.log
"Server Three" ./domain/servers/server-three/log/boot.log
"Server Three" ./domain/servers/server-three/log/server.log

The server logs as you know it from previous JBoss AS versions are located in the servers subdirectory: I.e. ./domain/servers/server-three/log/server.log

Standalone Server 

The default log files for a standalone server can be found in the log subdirectory of the distribution:

Process Log File
Server ./standalone/log/boot.log
Server ./standalone/log/server.log
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