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The following subsystems currently have no configuration beyond its root element in the configuration

The presence of each of these turns on a piece of functionality:

Name Description
EE Enables the deployment of .EAR archives.
EJB3 Enables the deployment and functionality of EJB 3.1 applications.
JAXRS Enables the deployment and functionality of JAX-RS applications. This is implemented by the RestEasy project
Remoting Turns on the remoting subsystem, which is used for the management communication and will be what underlies remote JNDI lookups and remote EJB calls in a future release.
Sar Enables the deployment of .SAR archives containing MBean services, as supported by previous versions of JBoss Application Server
Threads This subsystem is being deprecated and will not be part of the next release
Weld Enables the deployment and functionality of CDI applications
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