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Audience: Whoever wants to change the testsuite harness


Testsuite requirements will probably be merged here later.

Adding a new maven plugin

The plugin version needs to be specified in jboss-parent. See .

Shortened Maven run overview

See Shortened Maven Run Overview.

How the AS instance is built

See How the JBoss AS instance is built and configured for testsuite modules.

Properties and their propagation

Propagated to tests through arquillian.xml:
     <property name="javaVmArguments">${server.jvm.args}</property>

JBoss AS instance dir


(currently nothing)


Server JVM arguments
IP settings
  • ${ip.server.stack} - used in <systemPropertyVariables> / <server.jvm.args> which is used in *-arquillian.xml.
Testsuite directories
  • ${jbossas.ts.integ.dir}
  • ${jbossas.ts.dir}
  • ${jbossas.project.dir}
Clustering properties
  • node0
  • node1
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