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  • The quickstart tool that verifies a quickstart follows the guidelines and uses the correct Maven artifact versions is described here: QS Tools
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  1. Nov 04, 2011

    Can we have a quickstart on deploying an application in AS7 application client container also?

    1. Nov 04, 2011

      Vimal, I added that. Do you want to work on it?

      1. Nov 04, 2011

        Hi Pete,

        I would have loved to, but right now I just tied up with some customer engagements and just don't have any any bandwidth :-(

  2. Feb 15, 2014

    @Pete Muir

    Sir,I am a dedicated GSoc aspirant(3 years experience in JavaSE+1.5 years experience in JavaEE) from Dept. of Computer Science, National Institute of Technology,HP,India, interested in making valuable contribution to the project JBoss AS Quickstarts: Hibernate  proposed in GSoc14 ideas on this page. Currently, I am going through documentation and guidelines of Contributing a Quickstart.I wish to know in which all ways can I contribute best for  JBoss AS Quickstarts: Hibernate so as to claim myself to be an enthusiastic and skilled student to work on this project in the following summer.

    Are there any alternatives to IRC Channel in order to come in contact with you as a mentor ??

    1. Feb 19, 2014

      Giriraj Sharma,

      Thanks so much for expressing an interest in helping out with the quickstarts. We welcome contributions that improve existing examples or demonstrate new features or functionality. 

      First, let me point you to the latest materials to help you get started:

      Bookmark the JBoss Developer Framework web site: It has all the lastest and greatest developer information and materials.

      The 'Getting Started Guide' contains useful information to help you install and configure the product and run your first quickstarts:

      The current list of quickstarts is located here:

      The contributing guide is located here:

      We all hang out on this freenode IRC channel: #jboss-jdf

      Did I miss anything? Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. Feb 23, 2014

        Sande Gilda

        Thanks a lot for your response.As,I have already mentioned,i am a dedicated GSoc'2014 aspirant,I am interested to work upon two of the projects mentioned in GSoc'14 JBoss ideas page ( namely,

        • JBoss AS Quickstarts: Hibernate - This project involves building out three new quickstarts to show off Hibernate Search, and multitennancy for Hibernate ORM. Additionally the project should research and develop two further use cases for the Hibernate group of projects that show off common uses of Hibernate in JBoss AS 7. Mentor(s): Pete Muir, Sande Gilda, Burr Sutter
        • JBoss AS Quickstarts: JBoss AS management, services and modules  - This project involves building out three new quickstarts to show creating modules for JBoss AS 7, scripting JBoss AS 7 using the management API, and stripping down the application server.(Mentors : Pete Muir, Sande Gilda, Burr Sutter)

        I have already forked jboss-developer/jboss-eap-quickstarts repository from github and I have read the guide to contributing to a quickstart ( I think ,I must start with developing quickstarts for the common uses of hibernate in JBoss AS 7.Currently,I am working upon a simple EventManager demo web application using hibernate3,Maven,HSQLDB(in-memory database) in eclipse using jboss tools.I am also going through the documentation of hibernate search and hibernate multitennancy for Hibernate ORM.

        I wished to know if you can provide me with some elaboration on the ideas regarding new quickstarts,so,that I may start working upon them. I also wished to know if there are any online resources ,I may look after for developing such new quickstarts.

        I also tried a few hangouts on irc channels ( #jboss-jdf. #gsoc-jboss),but failed to get the desired information regarding quickstarts.

        1. Mar 03, 2014


          I was not familiar with GSoC and I believe I told you the wrong information.  I assume you got the list from here:

          I just spoke with someone involved with the program and was told the quickstart ideas should not be on that list. However, we would welcome any quickstarts you would like to contribute outside the program. It's a great way to get involved with the community!



          1. Mar 03, 2014

            I am not sure. Let's wait for Pete Muir to return. :-)

  3. Mar 03, 2014

    I am Sanchayan , fourth year student studying Computer Engineering in Faculty of Engineering University of Peradeniya, Srilanka.
    and I would like to start contributing towards GSoC project  'JBoss AS Quickstarts: Hibernate' and this idea is very interesting, and I have also work with Java and Hibernate.
    how to contact this project mentor to disuss about contributing and discuss ideas
    Any kind of guidance from mentors related to this project would be greatly appreciated.Hope to hear a positive reply.

    1. Mar 03, 2014

      Hello Sanshayan,

      I found out the quickstarts are not eligible for GSoC and should not be on the list located here:

      However, if you are still interested in contributing outside the program, please let me know and I'll provide you with more information.



      1. Mar 03, 2014

        Again, I am not sure. Let's wait for Pete Muir to return.