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JBoss AS 7.1

How the JBoss AS instance is built and configured for testsuite modules.

Refer to Shortened Maven Run Overview to see the mentioned build steps.

1)  AS instance is copied from ${jboss.dist} to testsuite/target/jbossas.
        Defaults to AS which is built by the project (build/target/jboss-as-*).



from ${jboss.home} to ${basedir}/target/jbossas
phase generate-test-resources: resource-plugin, goal copy-resources


phase process-test-resources: antrun-plugin:

<ant antfile="$\{basedir}/src/test/scripts/basic-integration-build.xml">
    <target name="build-basic-integration"/>
    <target name="build-basic-integration-jts"/>

Which invokes

<target name="build-basic-integration" description="Builds server configuration for basic-integration tests">
      <build-server-config name="jbossas"/>

Which invokes

<!-- Copy the base distribution. -->
<!-- We exclude modules and bundles as they are read-only and we locate the via sys props. -->
<copy todir="@{output.dir}/@{name}">
    <fileset dir="@{jboss.dist}">
        <exclude name="**/modules/**"/>
        <exclude name="**/bundles/**"/>

<!-- overwrite with configs from test-configs and apply property filtering -->
<copy todir="@{output.dir}/@{name}" overwrite="true" failonerror="false">
    <fileset dir="@{test.configs.dir}/@{name}"/>
    <filterset begintoken="${" endtoken="}">
        <filter token="node0" value="${node0}"/>
        <filter token="node1" value="${node1}"/>
        <filter token="udpGroup" value="${udpGroup}"/>

Arquillian config file location

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