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To add release information to the transformed DocBook XML files:

  1. Extract the zip file stored locally on your computer during DocBook XML export.
  2. Open the following files and replace any text marked as ToDo:
  • Set_Info.xml
  • Book_Info.xml
  • Author_Group.xml - content of this file containing contributor information is pregenerated during DocBook xml export by same functionality as used for Page tree authors feature.
  • Revision_History.xml
  • Preface.xml

If your project has multiple books then these files will be found in each book folder.

You can save time by copying some of this information from a previous release if one exists. In this case do not check "Generate static files" checkbox during DocBook Export.
You may also need to add some other files depending on the tool you use to output the documentation.

Determining page authors

To find out which users made contributions to the documentation select a page and choose Page tree authors from the Tools menu:

This shows all the users who contributed to that page and any subpages over all time. It also produces a DocBook XML fragment that you can use in the Author_Group.xml file.

You need Space - Export permission within a space to perform this task.
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  1. Sep 16, 2012

    It seems that the 7z-created archive does not like to extract using File-Roller on F16/F17.

    The solution follows (uses the book name Admin and Monitoring for file names):

    1. Install the Linux version of 7-zip from the repo
    2. Create an empty folder to contain the downloaded zip from Confluence.
    3. Move into the Admin_Config directory
    4. Move the downloaded zip to this directory.
    5. Execute this 7zip command to extract all the files from the archive to the new folder.

    All the files are extracted, and the directory containing any images is also downloaded to the directory.