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To export Space content into DocBook XML:

  1. Select the root document of the Space.
  2. Select JBoss DocBook Export from the Tools menu:
  3. Check the Single book output checkbox if your project only has a single book. If your project has multiple books then leave it unchecked.
  4. Check the Generate static files checkbox to generate skeletons for some DocBook xml files which are typically generated only for first release and then updated by hand in source code repository where DocBook formatted documentation is stored.
  5. Press the Export into DocBook zip file button.
  6. Store generated zip file locally on your computer ready for the next step.
You need the Space - Export permission within a space to perform this task.
You may automate this task from some release build scripts. How to call DocBook export functionality from script is described directly on 'JBoss DocBook Export' page.
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