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If your project has multiple modules and you want to use the same structure for each then you should use the Pages structure tool. This provides two basic features:

  1. Create Confluence pages structure from a given template
  2. Validate Confluence pages structure against a given template

To use this tool:

  1. Go to the page of the Space where you want to create or validate the subpages structure.
  2. Select Pages structure tool from the Tools menu:
  3. Fill in the Pages structure template field. The format is described on the right side of page. If somebody used a template before you in the space then the template is pre-filled in the form.
  4. Optionally insert a Unique page title prefix base for pages structure creation - see here for why this is necessary. You may first try without it and only use it if required.
  5. Click either the Validate pages structure or Create pages structure button.
When you change the Pages structure template field and choose Validate pages structure or Create pages structure the new template is stored for later use in the Space if valid. If you want to make some temporary chages then make sure to manually backup the existing template so you can restore it after. Information about the last template stored (who and when performed it) is shown under the template input field.
To use this tool a user must have the Space - Edit permission within the space.
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