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The Content Approval feature allows Space Administrators or defined Approvers to view and approve page content edited by community users. Content edited by a Approver or some defined Trusted Contributor is approved automatically.

Users are informed by a warning at the top of the page if the latest version is not approved, and can use a link to view the latest approved version (if one exists).

To enable the Content Approval feature for a Space, Space Administrators can use the "Browse > Advanced > Page Approval Settings" menu item inside the Space and click the "Enable page approval" link. Setting page allows to set different settings for content approve feature then:

  • Approvers - list of users who can approve content for given Space
  • Trusted contributors - list of users who are trusted so their changes are approved automatically.
  • New Content to Approve Notifications - users and email addresses notified by email when there is some new content to approve.
  • Thanks Notifications for Approved Content - a content contributor receives "Thanks you for contribution" email when his content is approved and this feature is enabled.

After the feature is enable, the "Unapproved pages" item is shown in Space Advanced menu too. This screen shows a list of all unapproved pages in the Space and allows you to approve them (one by one in a row, or all together).

If an Approver or Space Administrator views the page content for an unapproved page he can also directly approve it using a link shown as part of warning at the top of the page.

To check changes in a page from the latest approved version, you can use the common "Page Compare" and "Page History" features of Confluence.
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