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This is a guide to writing documentation for JBoss Community projects using the Confluence Wiki at http://docs.jboss.org/author.

Content is authored using wiki markup in Confluence and can be exported to DocBook XML whenever a project is released. This allows released documentation to be maintained in a Version Control System (VCS), output into different formats including HTML / PDF and helps with translation into different languages using PO files. For more details please read the PressGang Documentation Guide developed by the PressGang project.

This guide is comprised of:

  1. How To sections covering general information about Confluence usage for documentation purposes.
  2. A Markup Guide covering the wiki markup syntax that should be used in order to export correctly to DocBook XML.

The Markup Guide is based on wiki markup from:

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  1. Jun 03, 2012

    {quote]...read the JBoss Documentation Guide developed by the PressGang project.

    The JBoss Documentation Guide is now referred to as the "PressGang Documentation Guide". The link location is still the same.